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First Year Participants

Individuals participating for the first year attend 9 classes (28 hours of instruction) which are designed to provide participants with an overview of higher education. First-year participants have multiple options to choose from for their accounting course, management course, and specialized knowledge courses. Then we are also offering 3 facilities tour options to choose from. Course descriptions can be found here!

1110 Auxiliary Services 2 hours
1120 The Business of Higher Education 4 hours
1130 Fundamentals in Accounting (Accounting Course - option 1) 4 hours
1135 Principles of Accounting (Accounting Course - option 2) 4 hours
1140 Introduction to Purchasing - Policies and More 4 hours
1145 The Beginners Guide to Insurance and Risk in Higher Education (Management Course - option 1) 2 hours
1146 Putting the "Super" in Supervision (Management Course - option 2) 2 hours
1147 Why I Like You, Why I Don't (Management Course - option 3) 2 hours
1150 Human Resources 6 hours
1155 Compliance 101 (Specialized Knowledge Course - option 1) 2 hours
1156 Partnering for Student Success (Specialized Knowledge Course - option 2) 2 hours
1157 Leadership Through the Lens of Inclusive Excellence (Specialized Knowledge Course - option 3) 2 hours
1170 Facilities Management  4 hours
1171 Facilities Tour - UK Athletics 2 hours
1172 Facilities Tour - James B. Beam Institute 2 hours
1173 Facilities Tour - Gatton Student Center & The Cornerstone 2 hours
1174 Facilities Tour - UK Residence Hall 2 hours
1175 Facilities Tour - Frank D. Peterson Service Building 2 hours


Returning Participants

Individuals participating for the second year, third year, or electing to take refresher courses may select their program of study from the following classes. Course descriptions can be found here!

Budget and Planning

BUD 2241 Budgeting: Large Schools 4 hours
BUD 2242 Budgeting: Small Schools 4 hours
BUD 2243 Budget Process and the Business Officer 4 hours
BUD 2246 Strategic Budgeting: Using Analytics to Efficiently Allocate Instructional Resources 2 hours
BUD 2247 Higher Education Analytics 2 hours
BUD 2248 Understanding the Budget Process in Higher Education 2 hours
BUD 2249 Developing a Workforce for the Future Through the Budget Process 2 hours
BUD 2250 Grants: There is NO Way Around Them -- So Embrace Them 2 hours



BUS 2211 Advanced Auxiliary Services 2 hours
BUS 2213 Audits 4 hours
BUS 2215 Modern Payment Systems: Evaluation, Control and Management 4 hours
BUS 2216 Third Party Risk Management 2 hours
BUS 2218 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Bootcamp 4 hours
BUS 2251 Disaster Recovery in Higher Education 2 hours
BUS 2252 Hot Topics & Trends in NCAA Compliance 2 hours
BUS 2253 Current Hot Topics in Risk Management 2 hours
BUS 2254 Don't Pay Twice! Indemnification, Contractual Liability, and Additional Insured 2 hours
BUS 2255 Addressing Employee Needs in Higher Education: A Data-Based Future Focused Leadership Session 2 hours
BUS 2256 Strengthening Business Operations Through an Innovative Mandatory Training Program 2 hours


Computer Information Sciences

CIS 2266 Cybersecurity in Higher Education 2 hours
CIS 2267 Data Privacy and Protection 2 hours
CIS 2268 Navigating Global Frontiers: A Primer on International Risk Management for Business Officers 2 hours



FIN 2231 Stewardship of Gift Funds  (same as TRS 2231) 2 hours
FIN 2232 Introduction to Capital Finance  (same as TRS 2232) 2 hours
FIN 2233 Using Business Intelligence Systems to Gain Insight into Processes and Finances 2 hours
FIN 2237 Treasury Management  (same as TRS 2237) 4 hours
FIN 2240 Advanced Capital Financing  (same as TRS 2240) 4 hours 
FIN 2241 Financial Asset and Liability Management (same TRS 2241) 2 hours
FIN 2242 PCI Compliance (same as TRS 2242) 4 hours
FIN 2243 Using Financial Ratios to Assess Institutional Financial Health 4 hours
FIN 2244 Alignment of Planning Resource Management and Assessment 4 hours
FIN 2246 Fundamentals of Operating Investments (same as TRS 2246) 2 hours
FIN 2247 Fundamentals of Endowment Investments (same as TRS 2247) 2 hours
FIN 2248 Current Issues & Trends in Strategic Treasury Management (same as TRS 2248) 2 hours
FIN 2249 How to Get Away with Procurement 2 hours


Higher Education Administration

HED 2224 Cross-Cultural Leadership: Navigating Generational Dynamics in the Modern Workplace 4 hours
HED 2225 Current Legal Issues in Higher Education 2 hours
HED 2288 Fraud/Ethics  4 hours
HED 2290 A Foundation in Facilities 2 hours
HED 2293 Change Management 2 hours


Personnel, Benefits, and Staff Relations

PER 2252 Contemporary Human Resources Practices 2 hours
PER 2258 Learning to Think With More Than One Hat 2 hours
PER 2286 Understanding Communication Styles 2 hours
PER 2288 I.D.E.A.: Understanding Your Role in Advancing Diversity and Equity 4 hours
PER 2290 Supervising with a Mental Health Mindset 2 hours
PER 2291 Building Your Team Through Emotional Intelligence 2 hours
PER 2292 Rethinking Workplace Conflicts and How to Respond to Them 4 hours
PER 2293 How to Say No 2 hours
PER 2294 Build a Process to Successfully Recruit Talent to Your Institution 2 hours
PER 2295 Building Institutional Resilience: The Crucial Role of Business Officers in Higher Education 2 hours
PER 2296 I am Unstoppable Because 2 hours
PER 2297 Strategies for Creating, Developing and Leading Productive Remote Teams 2 hours


Treasury Track

TRS 2231 Stewardship of Gift Funds (same as FIN 2231) 2 hours
TRS 2232 Introduction to Capital Finance (same as FIN 2232) 2 hours
TRS 2237 Treasury Management (same as FIN 2237) 4 hours
TRS 2240 Advanced Capital Financing (same as FIN 2240) 4 hours
TRS 2241 Financial Asset and Liability Management (same FIN 2241)  2 hours
TRS 2242 PCI Compliance (same FIN 2242) 4 hours
TRS 2246 Fundamentals of Operating Investments (same as FIN 2246) 2 hours
TRS 2247 Fundamentals of Endowment Investments (same as FIN 2247) 2 hours
TRS 2248 Current Issues & Trends in Strategic Treasury Management (same as FIN 2248) 2 hours

Refresher Participants

Individuals returning to CBMI after graduating from the program will now have access to a few Refresher Only courses. These courses are not eligible for CPE credits but can be built into refreshers' schedules around classes for returning participant courses that do provide CPE credits. Course descriptions can be found here! (scroll to the last page on the document)

REF 3000 Refresher Only Roundtable Discussion: Strategic Partnerships 2 hours
REF 3001 Refresher Only Roundtable Discussion: Unpacking Political Dimensions in Higher Education 2 hours
REF 3002 Refresher Only Roundtable Discussion: Leveraging CBMI for Institutional Success 2 hours